We ♥️ LOVE airlines
and the people that make them fly

And we want to share that LOVE with the ecosystem

What we do

At Undairstand, we design and develop unique digital solutions powered by empathy to help organisations interacting with airlines to deploy efficient customer-centric transformation at scale.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a service provider, an airport, an authority, or even a school or university, discover how our unique human-centric learning solution can help your employees better understand and know the “real life” of airlines and ultimately boost your results and drive effective behavior change

The problem we solve

Being customer centric is a key strategic priority for many top leading organisations that have understood that beyond the short term competitive advantage it can provide, it is a condition for survival in today’s challenging and fast moving world. Pioneers have already identified customer centricity as a strategic competence for today and tomorrow and implemented programs to develop it.

However, it is a real challenge for organizations to transform effectively and very difficult to go beyond the willingness and provide employees with concrete actionable tools that make them act in a more customer centric way.

Indeed, what does it mean to behave customer centric on a daily basis, when seated at your desk? Who never wondered how his/her specific interlocutor behaves? What really is his/her job? What time does he/she arrive at the office in the morning and to do what in priority?

What about airlines ?

The reason why it is even more challenging in our industry is that airline operations are unique.

  • Which other industry is doing something as crazy as flying hundreds of human bodies comfortably and safely at 40,000 ft and 900 km/h, in severe external conditions, leveraging natural elements?
  • Which other industry allows you to go to bed on a continent and wake up in another one? 
  • Which other industry deals with hundreds of different regulations, from stringent safety ones to complex international conventions, in every move they make?
  • And which other industry absolutely needs such a tight coordination between all actors to make the outcome successful, playing as a kind of perfectly synchronized worldwide orchestra ?

This fascinating orchestra is played more than a hundred thousand times per day, 24/7, 365 days per year in all countries of the world.

When we think about the people that are making it possible behind the scenes, our imagination goes first to pilots flying in the cockpit or cabin crew performing the safety demonstrations, but there are so many people, jobs, and interactions that need to be coordinated to play that symphony.

In a nutshell, the airline industry is so complex, special, regulated, just in time, that it takes a lifetime of experience to truly (while still partially) know what it means to be a part of it. Reason why Airline experience is scarce. Even more outside airlines, where it’s needed… 

As the famous saying goes, “you know what you know, but you don’t know what you don’t know!”

Our product


We are believers that we cannot build customer centricity without building first customer empathy.


And as customer centricity, even customer empathy, is still too vague. Who is the Customer? It’s not just a logo, a few colors and a livery.


It’s actually thousands of faces that we are on a mission to embody. We want to embody the customer, and this is how we are building customer empathy and empowering any employee to learn and become customer centric by living the life of his/her interlocutor on the airline side.

A training solution that teaches you something really unique

To empower every employee, we design and develop an immersive digital Customer Companion, allowing anyone to explore an airline organization and get teleported to the desk of his/her interlocutor thanks to exclusive testimonies from real airline people.

Instead of getting a once a year mandatory training shot of customer centricity, we are defending an approach where everyone gets his/her daily or weekly dose of customer empathy.

By bringing in the hands of every employee a practical way to concretely upskill, at its own rhythm, based on innovative exclusive content and an original approach focused on people, we are really triggering that little change that is there in each and everyone of us.

We go against the grain

We are strong digital believers and promoters.

But in a world where technology and AI are already everywhere, we choose to promote real humans: the women and men who are making decisions with emotions to make airlines fly. This is also a way for us to take our part in the collective challenge we all have, when human relationships tend inevitably to be less and less authentic and when we share less and less:  explore other ways to put humans at the center.




  • Drive effective behavior change
  • Get jobs more fulfilling and rewarding for their employees
  • Accelerate jobs mobility and induction of new employees



  • Please your customers, provide a superior customer experience
  • Boosting business
  • Improve brand image and customer loyalty

Want to try it and see by yourself ?

Who can use our solution ?

Plenty of different users can benefit from Undairstand’s Digital Customer Companion in their daily tasks and responsibilities, whether they are in a customer facing position or just having an indirect impact on the customer.


“With this solution, I’m now much more confident to visit my customers and argue about my products”

Jonathan, Commercial Director

Product / Business development

“Understanding how my product is used within Airlines is gold for me”

Sophie, Product Manager

Customer Support

“It’s so rewarding to feel talking the same language as my interlocutors”

Anna, AOG Desk agent


“I can now challenge candidates and build solid assessments”

Ricardo, Talent Acquisition specialist

All employees

“With this app, I know how I can make a difference for the customer in my daily job”

Marcus, Manufacturing

Interested to discover more?

Who we are ?

It’s always important to know who we work with

Our founding team


Mehdi has worked in the industry as Technical & Regulatory Expert in various fields such as flight operations, airports & ATM, and airworthiness & maintenance. He has been representing ECOGAS (European Council for General Aviation Support) at the EASA SSCC (now FS.TEC) and was involved in various rulemaking activities. He then moved to join a group of airlines as Technical Director, where he had the occasion, as Accountable Manager, to start-up airlines and run a Part-145 MRO delivering base and line maintenance services. After an entrepreneurial adventure in the field of flight simulation, he joined Airbus as Marketing Director in charge of Skywise, the leading big data platform in Aviation.

He brings in an extensive knowledge of the airline industry and their relationships with suppliers, together with former entrepreneurship experiences.

About him

Personality traits :

  • Creative
  • Self-motivated

He likes :

  • The wind (it makes me feel alive)
  • My first fresh air breath getting out of a swimming workout
  • Good kebabs (there’re not so many, but past 3am, they’re all good)

About him

Personality traits :

  • Positive
  • Resilient 
  • Always motivated to create things

He likes:

  • When complex suddenly gets simple (it’s magic)
  • Dive, dive, dive (meet another world)


Julien started his career by launching a consulting activity around CO2 emission quotas in the aviation industry. He then jumped into the consulting world specialized in data, forecasting and strategic support to airports, airlines and aerospace companies. He then joined Safran group (ex-Zodiac Aerospace) as product manager within the services division, in charge of the development of after-sales activities and new services in relation with airlines and their ecosystem (MRO companies, integrators, distributors, aircraft manufacturers). After several positions and many years of working on various products and services, from aircraft seats to safety equipments and electronic equipments, it was time to work on bringing the ecosystem together.

He brings in an extensive knowledge of the aviation industry and customer services together with a strong willingness to delight users with a unique and new experience!

Our values and our belief

Our Values

At Undairstand, we’re cultivating transparency and empathy.

This is true in what our product brings to the airlines’ ecosystem, but also in our business relationships with partners and customers as well as in our workplace values.

Our people have a full vision and understanding of what we are doing, why we are doing it and where we are collectively going. Teams are involved and participate in our strategy, their ideas matter as much as the ones of the founders and anyone can speak up and express ideas AND disagreements.

We also believe it is very important, in this crazy world, not to forget to be transparent and empathetic towards ourselves, to listen to our needs and develop in a balanced manner. We spend quite a good amount of time at work, so this needs to be a fun place where we (preferably) work hard but feel good.

Our Belief

In post-COVID19 decades, the aviation industry will have to meet challenges as daunting as those faced by the pioneers of the last century, sustainability and decarbonization at the top.

We are convinced that the deep understanding of each other in the aviation ecosystem, starting with airlines, and the ability to transform individual knowledge into collective intelligence will be key for the industry to succeed

From a wider perspective, we’re very much attached to this notion of knowledge sharing. We are convinced that knowledge access and knowledge transmission have a major social role to play to connect generations in the future and make a better world, thanks to a better use of time, a better collaboration, and a better understanding of each other.

A Unique commUnity of contributors

Building empathy is not about code. It’s about people.

And we’re building a commUnity of people, working in the airline industry. We want to show all the diversity and styles of all the people that make airlines fly, whatever their role, whatever their profile.

This Community is growing day after day and it’s still time to join!

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Our solution primarily benefits Airlines.

Indeed, establishing efficient relationships with suppliers and getting feedback heard has always been a critical factor of success in our industry. With our solution, airlines’ suppliers and partners can now speak the same language, avoid misunderstandings, get empathetic towards their interlocutors, and in the end provide better products and services, delivered with a superior quality of service.

Interested to participate at scale?

Do you work or plan to work with airlines ?

Our Digital Customer Companion brings years of airline experience on a platter, on demand, to any employee!

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